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Varia Smart Control Temperature Kettle - Black (1 week pre-order)

Varia Smart Control Temperature Kettle - Black (1 week pre-order)

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The Varia Smart Control Temperature Kettle is an ergonomically designed kettle ideal for brewing coffee and provides precise temperature control with a digital display, and keeps water warm for up to an hour with its keep warm memory function. 
The kettle takes just 5 minutes to heat water from room temperature to boiling point, and its variable temperature control allows you to set the kettle anywhere between 60°C – 100°C. A 360º Rigid Base allows it to rotate the kettle freely on the base, while the gooseneck spout enables you to pour water precisely where you want it.
The kettle features a 1L capacity, allowing you to boil water to your exact specifications. The LED display shows temperature and water level so you always know what's going on. Ideal for coffee or tea lovers, it will soon become your go-to kettle for all your hot water needs.

Varia Smart Control Temperature Kettle Features
Variable Temperature Control – Precise water for the best results for tea or coffee.
Gooseneck Spout – Accurate pouring minimises splashes and elevates your brewing.
1L Water Capacity – Ideal size to be used for all kitchen needs.
Keep Warm Function – Hold function will keep the water hot for upwards of an hour.
LED Temp & Time Display – Easy to see when on, it disappears from view when off.

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